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Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage

Premier :: 2001-09-01

on FOX

Genre :: Reality

Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage poster


From the creators of MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, Fox - the network that brought us Temptation Island - brings us the hottest new reality show on TV, Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage , a mix of Survivor, Temptation Island and The Love Boat. 16 singles, 8 men and 8 women, put together on a boat, sailing through the Caribbean waters in the way to Aruba, to play a seduction game where only one couple will put their hands on a handsome 200,000 dollars reward and get to travel around the world. If they're lucky enough, they might even find the love of their lives. Every 48 hours the couples are switched, and at the end of these 48 hours each group has to vote one person from the opposite sex out of the boat, who is sent to "Loser Island" (Aruba) until the last couple is defined. From time to time, the couples will compete among them for "the switch card". The person that gets the switch card has the power to change someone who was voted off the boat for another that was not.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 7 - Episode 7
Aired - 16 October 2001

Episode summary:

Finally, Judgement Day arrives. Toni is still upset about Jeanette bringing the truth to everyone's eyes and still denies ever trying to bribe her. Anthony, the one who caused all this conflict, still has the nerve to come to Jeanette and ask her to switch him for Michael so he can win. Justin brings the news that the eliminated couples now have a chance to go back on the game. All they have to do is pair in couples and vote for one couple to be brought back. Everybody decides to vote for themselves, except for Gina and Adrian, who know they don't stand a chance. Surprisingly, they're the ones who are voted back on the game, after all, they were the only ones who did not beg the switch card holders to bring them back to the game. Gina is the most shocked of all, since she was the first person to be voted off the boat. Back on the boat, there is one last round of hot seat. Toni asks for Adrian's forgiveness for dumping him earlier in the game. Among all the questions, Anthony's is the m

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