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Survivors's Law II

Premier :: 2007-12-24

on TVB

Genre :: Drama

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MK Sun or his real name Sun Man Kwan (Kenneth Ma) was once stopping a drug smuggler, but because of that, he was wrongly accused of taking drugs. Despite his background, he hired a famous lawyer to help him, and not surprisingly, he won. The lawyer, Brandon (Waise Lee), became his idol, and MK Sun grew up to be a lawyer. Years later, MK was trying to get a job in his idols company, T&B. He beats Brandon's wife, Brenda (Rebecca Chan), in a case, and started working there. There he meets a stubborn, rich, and spoiled girl named Lily, (Ella Koon) only caring about her looks and herself. They became enemies because of each others' backgrounds and attitudes. MK Sun then meets Vincent (Sammul Chan). Vincent thought of MK Sun as ghetto, but soon realizes he was wrong. After having a fight with him in soccer, and Vincent punched the umpire, but MK Sun took the blame. Soon, they become best friends. After splitting with his former girlfriend, Jessica (Bernice Liu), Vincent (Sammul Chan) falls in love with a coffee shop girl called Choi Yuk (Selena Li). Vincent had his license for being a lawyer taken away for three years and couldn't get his license back yet. After getting a chance to work again and start a new refreshing career, he started only caring for himself. He was so determined that he went against Choi Yuk and her family, even his best friend, MK Sun. Choi Yuk thought he betrayed them and only cared about himself so she ended the relationship. Lily and MK start to like each other and eventually get married in court. Soon, Choi Yuk gets into hospital after taking a beating in the head by someone, falls into a coma, and gives birth to a baby boy named Jophy. Vincent then gets hit in the head when Choi Yuk wakes up and loses his memory. However, to prevent Choi Yuk from despairing too much from not remembering her and Jophy, he proposes and they get married. Vincent never regains his memory and ends up working at the cake shop with Choi Yuk. MK and Lily share a sweet and playful relationship.

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Series 1 - Episode 1 - Survivor's Law II - Quy Luật Sống Còn II
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