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The King of Snooker

Premier :: 2009-03-30

Airs :: Daily 9:30pm on TVB

Genre :: Drama

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The King of Snooker (桌球天王) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast in March 2009. The all-conquering snooker player YAU YAT KIU (郑少秋) takes everyone by surprise when he suddenly retires from the snooker world. This comes as a huge disappointed to his daughter YAU KA KAN (周丽淇), who has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. She feels bewildered too, for although KIU pretends he does not care about the snooker any more, he has set up an extremely difficult game in his restaurant. His purpose cannot be more obvious: he is waiting for someone to solve the game. KIU comes to know KAN TSZ HIM (邓健泓) by chance. Noticing his flair for the snooker, KIU decides to make an exception for HIM and teaches him all he knows about the game. Later, KAN manages to persuade her father into taking her in as well. HIM fancies KAN, but she is fond of LUI KIN CHUNG (郭政鸿), KIU's bitter foe. CHUNG is a crafty person. In order to win the game, he fools around with HIM's aunt CHIN TO TO (滕丽名), who is also HIM's manager. HIM falls out with KIU because of CHUNG. Both master and disciple come to settle their scores on a snooker-table in the end.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 20 - 建衝主動 協助一橋
Aired - 24 April 2009

Episode summary:

一橋表面上雖裝作毫不畏懼,但事實上仍會被惡夢纏繞。建衝得悉一橋接受子謙的挑戰後,主動與他見面;建衝以自己被子謙打敗後感失意的經歷來鼓勵一橋,更建議一橋練習瑜珈來提升自己感覺。眾人擔心一橋的眼睛能否支持賽前的訓練,建衝向他們保證將以最有效最安全的方法協助一橋訓練。 滔滔說出 心底愛意 滔滔發現子謙竟搬離家,忍不住在家人前指責他,但子謙堅持要與一橋對賽。經過建衝的悉心訓練,一橋提升了自己入球速度以減輕眼睛負擔。看到滔滔努力照顧自己,一橋忍不住請她不要將感情放在快瞎的自己身上;滔滔眼淚奪眶而出,更對一橋坦言自己的心底話。子謙與唐丁到酒吧作樂,卻被人打傷了手。加勤參加美式桌球的決賽時,因對手甚強而心中不穩,但終於藉硬幣而回憶起一橋的教誨而冷靜下來;之後加勤發現,原來該硬幣是子謙託人交予給她…… 倚天屠龍 終極對決 正式對賽的時候到了,想不到子謙亦在此時與唐丁攤牌;一橋發現子謙帶?「屠龍cue」出現;原來建衝慷慨借「屠龍cue」予子謙,讓他與一橋的「倚天cue」一決雌雄。一橋比賽時突然失去視力,此時滔滔剛好出現……

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