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King of the Rocket Men

Premier :: 1949-06-08

Genre :: Science-Fiction

King of the Rocket Men poster


A group of atomic researchers, Science Associates, is being decimated by remote control. The survivors suspect that the villain, calling himself "Dr. Vulcan," is one of themselves, bent on a monopoly of their technological wonders. Jeff King is assigned to safeguard the group's secrets; for a professor, he's very handy with his fists, and has the added advantage of a secret, experimental rocket suit that enables him to fly! But Dr. Vulcan has deadly devices also. Can the Rocket Man expose Vulcan without revealing his own identity?

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Dr. Vulcan - Traitor
Aired - 08 June 1949

Episode summary:

A mysterious criminal known only as Dr. Vulcan has been stealing secrets and inventions from Science Associates to sell to foreign powers, and killing the inventors while making the deaths look like accidents. His latest victim, Professor Millard (James Craven) barely survives when a control panel explodes, showering him with electricity. With the help of fellow scientist Jeff King (Tristram Coffin), Millard sets up shop out of town in an abandoned cave. He lets the world believe he is dead so that he can finish his new atomic rocket suit as well as discover the identity of Dr. Vulcan.

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