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The Flintstone Kids

Premier :: 1986-09-01

on Cartoon Network

Genre :: Animation

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Welcome to The Flintstone Kids guide at TV Tome.Welcome to The Flintstone Kids guide at TV Tome. The Flintstone Kids was one of the many Flintstones spin-offs. It featured our main characters except as 10 year olds. Along with some new characters: Dreamchip, Philo, and Rocky Ratrock these mischevious kids got in many adventures. This show was great and one of the best cartoons of the 80's. Although it didn't match up to the original grown-up versions of The Flintstones it still carried on from 1986-1988. The series ended with a bang with the populated feature special in 1988 "The Flintstone Kids Just Say No". There were other segments that featured along with the show. One was called "Dino's Dilemma", and the other was called "Captain Caveman". Those two segments were featured after Flintstone Kids episodes were finished and eventually Captain Caveman became a spin-off. Basically all these things are what made The Flintstone Kids a great show and an excellent addition to The Flintstone

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 23 - The Flintstone Kids Just Say No
Aired - 05 September 1988

Episode summary:

Growing up in Bedrock is the same as growing up anywhere. There are the good times, and there are the problems too. Wilma has the other Flintstone kids worried when she hangs out with a 'cool' crowd. But when Stoney, the leader of the crowd, insists Wilma try marijuana, she ""Just Says No"" and rejoins Fred, Barney, and Betty.

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