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Lloyd in Space

Premier :: 2001-02-01

on ABC

Genre :: Animation

Lloyd in Space poster
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Welcome to the Lloyd in Space guide at TV Tome. Lloyd in Space Follows the growing pains of Lloyd, an average teenage alien youth, along with his three friends as they encounter all sorts of horrifying things like girls, low allowances and the occasional punishment. SHOW INFO This currently airs on: Toon Disney Weekdays at 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM Sundays at 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM The Kids Lloyd - Just your average boy from outer space! He's a green teenager going through the changes everyone else does including PUBERTY. Usually these changes cause some pretty weird situations and a whole lot of fun! Eddie - Lloyd's best friend and part of the only human family on the station! He can make Lloyd do just about anything he wants. This usually makes the predicaments Lloyd gets into even worse. Occassionaly though he can have good advice to fix the mistakes. Douglas - The brains of the gang, LITERALLY! He is incredibly smart. Often the one to over

Latest Episode

Series 4 - Episode 9 - Ride Along
Aired - 27 February 2004

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+ Series 4

+ Episode - 9 Ride Along Aired - 27 February 2004
+ Episode - 8 Go Crater Worms Aired - 20 February 2004
+ Episode - 7 Day One Aired - 13 February 2004
+ Episode - 6 Commander Lloyd Aired - 13 March 2003
+ Episode - 5 Heads Up Blobberts! Aired - 19 February 2003
+ Episode - 3 Halloween Aired - 31 October 2003
+ Episode - 2 The Big Fued Aired - 13 February 2003
+ Episode - 1 A Place for Larry Aired - 12 February 2003

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