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I, Caesar

Premier :: 1997-01-01

on BBC

Genre :: Documentary

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Julius Caesar: the father (100-44 BC)This guy’s the most famous Roman of them all. He conquered Gaul, he became the subject of a play by William Shakespeare and was famously assassinated by Brutus and his gang of conspirators on 15th March 44BC. Despite this legendary status, the debate still rages over his true nature: was he a military genius, the greatest of all Romans, or was he just a brutal tyrant and a gambler, who was done in for being overambitious?

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Series 1 - Episode 1 - Julius Caesar
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

Julius Caesar turned military victories into political power. His ambition created a colossal empire, and he gave his name to the rulers who succeeded him. He has been a symbol of power and majesty for 2,000 years. But to his countryman, Caesar was an upstart, a gambler and a tyrant who destroyed the Roman Republic and paved the way for the rule of emperors. From his strategic brilliance to the Ides of March, I, Caesar examines the legendary ruler whose genius and determination forged an empire that would stand for centuries.

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