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I Dream

Premier :: 2004-09-01

Airs :: Thursday 5:00 PM on BBC One

Genre ::

I Dream poster


This musical comedy features S club 8 as students at a top secret academy for the performing arts where everybody who's ever been anybody has spent a summer. Their head master Professor Toone is not your ordinary head teacher, as his philosophy is to have fun! Patrick is a teacher at the school, and although very strict at times he means well. Analie is the daughter of Toone, and is more then a friend then a teacher.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - Toone in love
Aired - 16 December 2004

Episode summary:

In the finale of 'I dream' Toone is at Witt's end, as he forces out Harry Crabby who wants to buy Avalon Heights, as he's losing money on the school. Because of the school, Amy and Natalie storm in full of dust from the school hall, and Jay trips over on a carpet. While outside, Toone frets that he's slowly losing Avalon Heights and thinks he might have to sell it, but Analie tells him it's a bad idea. Telling him he should go away for a few days to think things through and relax, and hopefully something will come up he agrees. Amy, Natalie, Felix, Ollie and Khush talk about how it's coming to the end of Summer and the end of their stay at the heights and ponder whether or not they will return. Meanwhile, Patrick and Analie discuss bills bills and even more bills. Toone then returns from his trip on a horse, with an attractive woman following close behind. Toone reveals the bills are no longer a problem, as he has fallen in love with a woman named Lollie, and is going to marry her. The

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 13 Toone in love Aired - 16 December 2004
+ Episode - 12 Family Aired - 09 December 2004
+ Episode - 10 Rap-Unzel Aired - 25 November 2004
+ Episode - 9 Jay's Pirate Video Aired - 18 November 2004
+ Episode - 8 Together Aired - 10 November 2004
+ Episode - 7 Oliver Aired - 03 November 2004
+ Episode - 6 Charity Record Aired - 27 October 2004
+ Episode - 5 Radio Radio Aired - 20 October 2004
+ Episode - 4 Lifestyle Aired - 13 October 2004
+ Episode - 2 Just For The Record Aired - 29 September 2004
+ Episode - 1 Why me? Aired - 22 September 2004

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