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The Incredible Hulk

Premier :: 1978-03-10

on CBS

Genre :: Action

The Incredible Hulk poster
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David Banner is a research scientist trying to find a way to tap into the hidden strength that all humans possess. Then, one night in his labratory, an experiment went wrong, causing him to be overexposed to gamma radiation. Now, whenever angered or distressed, the mild-mannered scientist finds himself transforming into a powerful seven-foot green creature known as The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is guided by David's personality, dealing with whatever distresses David. But unfortunately, David has no control over the creature's actions. Nor can he remember what he had done during his Hulkish states. He travels around the country in search of a cure, while taking various odd jobs under different aliases. During this odyssey, he tries to avoid the pursuit of investigative reporter Jack McGee, who suspects the Hulk of murder, and who is determined to discover the creature's true identity.

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 5 - The Death of the Incredible Hulk
Aired - 18 February 1990

Episode summary:

In a desperate attempt to find a cure, David works as a janitor at a research laboratory in Portland, Oregon. While pretending to be simple-minded, he anonymously guides the genetic research of Dr. Ronald Pratt. After being discovered by Dr. Pratt, David admits to his true identity, and explains his story. Pratt then agrees to help rid him of the Hulk. Unfortunately, however, a group of spies are after Dr. Pratt's research, and want to use it to create "perfect" soldiers.

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+ Series 5

+ Episode - 6 Slaves Aired - 05 May 1982
+ Episode - 5 Triangle Aired - 13 November 1981
+ Episode - 4 Sanctuary Aired - 06 November 1981
+ Episode - 3 Veteran Aired - 16 October 1981
+ Episode - 2 Two Godmothers Aired - 09 October 1981
+ Episode - 1 The Phenom Aired - 02 October 1981

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