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Friends and Heroes

Premier :: 2007-03-12

Airs :: Daily 2pm on CBBC

Genre :: Action and Adventure

Friends and Heroes poster
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Friends & Heroes is an animated series for children that helps to teach them the stories and morals of the Old and New Testaments. Set in around AD68 this show uses an innovative combination of 2D and 3D animation to uniquely tell the story of groups of Jewish and Christian children avoiding the persecution of the Roman Empire in the infant days of Christianity. While they strive to survive the bonds they make with their friends strengthen and their friendship develops. During their struggles they learn the stories of the Old and New Testaments. Also they learn that not only can the brave men in the stories be heroes but they can too.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - No Turning Back
Aired - 23 March 2007

Episode summary:

With Samuel imprisoned and Caleb injured, Nathan tells a discouraged Macky the story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal to help restore his hope. Portia hears that Daniel, the father of Rebecca and Leah, has been captured by the Romans in Jerusalem and that she is being moved away from Alexandria to Jerusalem with her Uncle. She brings the distressing news to Macky and the girls and Macky makes a promise to Rebecca and Leah that he will, somehow, rescue their father. A torrential rainstorm commences and Samuel tells his frightened fellow prisoners the story of the First Pentecost. Sollie devises a scheme to use the rainwater to flood the palace jail, forcing the guards to open the jail doors. Samuel is finally free, but now Macky tells his parents of his decision to go to Jerusalem, with Portia. Samuel and Diana see that they must let go of their young son. Macky must travel his next journey alone.

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+ Series 3

+ Episode - 39 The Road Ahead Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 37 Betrayal Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 36 Conflict Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 35 Spies and Lies Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 34 Give and Take Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 33 Rome Alone Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 32 Senators First Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 31 Senators Only Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 30 Sowing the Seeds Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 28 School's Out Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 27 Gladiator School Aired - Air date unknown.

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