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UG: Ultimate Girls

Premier :: 2005-01-10

Airs :: Monday 0:00

Genre :: Animation

UG: Ultimate Girls poster
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During a monster attack on the city, which is something that happens quite often, Silk and her two friends try get close to the attacking monster for a better view. An unfortunate choice of location to watch from leads to UFO-man, the city’s giant protector, to land on the girls crushing them to death. Feeling sorry, UFO-man blames their death on the monster and promises to bring Silk and her friends back to life by lending them his power but the catch is that they now have to become the city’s protector as well.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 12 - Farewell, Ultimate Girls
Aired - 28 March 2005

Episode summary:

Vivienne is defeated, with the monster demanding to know who they really are. UFO-man explains how the monsters come into existence and states that there isn't a way to save Makoto as he is directly connected to the core of the monster. Silk offers to give up her body so that Makoto can live once the monster is defeated, and asks UFO-man to erase any memory of her from Makoto. She then goes to fight the monster, which she defeats after destroying its core. However, she hesitated before destroying it, and didn't hurt Makoto very much, so UFO-man used his power to repair Makoto instead. Makoto decides to not go to America after all, and gives her a picture he took of her while she was transformed.

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