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Game On!

Premier :: 1995-02-27

on BBC Two

Genre :: Comedy

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A 1990s flat-share sitcom which, in its tales of the sexual adventures and misadventures of three twenty-somethings living under the same roof, featured more than a dash of crudity. Ben Chaplin (in the first series) played Matthew, a wealthy, workshy landlord who, because of a strange phobia, never leaves the flat. Matthew Cottle was cast as the hapless, sexually innocent Martin, and Samantha Janus played the ambitious but confused and deeply insecure Mandy. Martin and Matthew have been friends since schooldays and Mandy's connection is by way of her best friend Claudia, Martin's sister. Mandy is a bright young woman who wants to better herself and is tired of being treated as a sex object, yet she still tends to find herself jumping into bed with inappropriate men. Both Matthew and Martin are obsessed with sex but neither is conspicuously successful in the field. For the second series, Ben Chaplin (who had struck gold in Hollywood with a starring role in Michael Lehmann's

Latest Episode

Series 3 - Episode 6 - Wedding Day
Aired - 06 February 1998

Episode summary:

Martin gets a postcard from Clare, telling him that she's married Shane in Australia. Everyone is preparing for Mandy's wedding. Archie has been set a series of "challenges" by his ex-marine chums, in preparation for his marriage. Matt has been persuaded to go to the wedding. Martin goes to Mandy's hen night and meets a girl named Rachel, who's "almost exactly like Clare" (except that she isn't Irish, she isn't a nurse and her hair is the wrong colour). He arranges a date with her, during which he gives her a wig (similar to Clare's hair) and asks her if she'll speak with an Irish accent. On the morning of the wedding, Martin gets a phone call telling him that the wedding limousine isn't available. He borrows an old Nissan and drives Mandy to the church. Matt travels in the boot. When they arrive, there's no sign of Archie. Then the best man arrives and tells Mandy that Archie has been killed in a car crash. She drives off at high speed, saying that she intends to crash the car and kill herself. Martin isn't keen on the idea, for obvious reasons, and manages to talk her out of it. When they get back home, Martin gets a phone message from Rachel. She says that he's a "weird, twisted pervert" and she doesn't want to see him again. Apparently this reaction was caused by the nurse's uniform he'd given her as a present. Mandy learns that Archie was killed trying to meet his final "challenge" - to get a speeding ticket on the way to his wedding.

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+ Series 3

+ Episode - 6 Wedding Day Aired - 06 February 1998
+ Episode - 5 Laura Aired - 30 January 1998
+ Episode - 4 Crabs Aired - 23 January 1998
+ Episode - 2 Martin's Baby Aired - 09 January 1998

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