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The Guinness Game

Premier :: 1979-09-01


The Guinness Game poster


Welcome to The Guinness Game guide at TV Tome. The 1979 game show The Guinness Game was an attempt to promote the book of world records on television. In this once-a-week show, three contestants were spotted $1,000. A stunt or feat, wherein a new world record could be set, was announced. The contestants bid (a la Jeopardy!) up to 90 percent of their bankroll on whether the attempt to break the existing world record would SUCCEED or FAIL. The records were attempted onstage or directly outside the studios, and followed along as per a sports event as the race - usually against the clock - ensued. Contestants were paid accordingly as to the outcome of the record-breaking attempt; accurate predictions saw contestants paid off; while wrong predictions meant losing the money bet. After three rounds, the contestant who had the most money went on to the bonus round. In the bonus round, the player had a chance to double their cash winnings plus win a n

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