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Ga-Rei: Zero

Premier :: 2008-10-06

Airs :: Monday 00:15 on CTC

Genre :: Animation

Ga-Rei: Zero poster
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Freshman Nimura Kensuke has the ability to see ghosts, and his life changes when he meets Kagura, a girl with the power to summon a "Ga-Rei" called Byakuei. The two work together to find evil spirits and devour them with the Ga-Rei.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 12 - Yearning Prayer
Aired - 21 December 2008

Episode summary:

Once the SDCD discovers Yomi's current position, Kagura and the other surviving SDCD operatives decide to pursue and stop her once and for all as the remaining PDCH and SDPH operators move in to assault Yomi and take her down. Though Yomi eventually gains an upper hand in her fight with Kagura, she is temporarily stopped by Noriyuki who helps Kagura retreat after being wounded. After retreating, Noriyuki bandages Kagura up and convinces her that Yomi is no longer the person she knew; Yomi, in the meantime, struggles to gain control over will. As Yomi and Kagura meet again and fight for one last time, Yomi is finally able to give in and allow Kagura to kill her. Two years later, life continues on for those involved in the ranks of the SDCD, and Kagura prepares to face a monster with Kensuke Nimura.

Watch Episodes Online - Episode Guide

+ Series 1

+ Episode - 12 Yearning Prayer Aired - 21 December 2008
+ Episode - 11 Disturbance of Fate Aired - 14 December 2008
+ Episode - 10 Behind the Tragedy Aired - 07 December 2008
+ Episode - 9 Spiral of Sin Aired - 30 November 2008
+ Episode - 7 Chain of Blame Aired - 16 November 2008
+ Episode - 6 Beautiful Rival Aired - 09 November 2008
+ Episode - 5 Obstinate Feelings Aired - 10 November 2008
+ Episode - 4 The Duty of Justice Aired - 03 November 2008
+ Episode - 1 Above Aoi Aired - 06 October 2008

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