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Full House (1985)

Premier :: 1985-01-01

on ITV

Genre :: Comedy

Full House (1985) poster


After marrying three years ago, Marsha and Paul Hatfield finally find their ideal home. The only problem is that they can't meet the mortgage repayments, so to pay the bill they share the burden with an unmarried couple, Diana and Murray. The two couples couldn't be more unlike each other. The Hatfields are neat and prim - Paul is prudish and often keeps lists to keep in order; she was pretty in a Freeman's catalogue-type way. The McCoys, of course, were the polar opposites with Diana being blonde and liberal, and Murray was unkempt and anarchic, and prone to the long-term unarranged borrowing of Paul's things. Marsha's mother-in-law, who had never quite become accustomed to the fact that her son Paul loved any woman but his mom, was also on the show. Diana and Murray were finally married at the end of the second series, with all the traditional sitcom-style complications on the big day, and Diana delivered a baby in the final episode of the last while the Hatfields remained

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