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Filthy Rich

Premier :: 1982-08-01


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"Now, Big Guy Beck left a whole lot of cash, but he said in his video will, his money-hungry family could never collect if they didn't love his illigitimate son, Wild Bill. He said they had to be one happy family, and that's gonna be a mighty tough switch. But they want that gold and they would sell their souls, cuz they wanna be Filthy Rich." They are dubbed "the characters you love to hate." In literature, on the stage or in a television series, they are the people you really don't like but you can't wait to see what they will do next. Somehow they are the most fascinating if they are the most cunning, deceitful and nasty. In 1982, two new acerbic, beautiful, love-to-hate-em characters invaded the television screen in Filthy Rich, a campy half-hour comedy series from Linda Bloodworth and Larry White Productions designed to parody Dallas and other prime-time soaps of the era. Filthy Rich centered around the Becks, a fabulously wealthy Tennessee family, and the Westc

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 12 - The Best Revenge is Stealing Your Ex-Husband's Second Wife's Fiance
Aired - 15 June 1983

Episode summary:

Gold-digging Kathleen finds herself engaged to a rich old timer and the wedding's just days away. Marshall and Carlotta are excited because, by getting remarried, Kathleen forfeits her claim on Big Guy's money. Kathleen sees this as her last opportunity to seduce Stanley. But Kathleen's giddiness turns to despair when her finace announces that he's in love with Mother B. just moment before they are to be wed.

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