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The Hogan Family

Premier :: 1986-03-01

on NBC

Genre :: Comedy

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The Hogan Family began in March of 1986 and was originally titled Valerie. Starring Valerie Harper as Valerie Hogan, Valerie was the wife to Michael Hogan, an airline pilot. His job took him away from home quite regularly so Valerie was left to raise their three sons, David, and the fraternal twins, Mark and Willie. David was the oldest and girl crazy, Mark was the brain and a perfectionist and Willie was the carefree clown who seemed to always be in trouble. At the beginning of the third season, a well publicized dispute between Valerie Harper and the producers led to her leaving the show. Despite the fact that two episodes had been produced for the third season, one including Valerie Harper, they were both shelved and the show changed titles to Valerie's Family. In the show, it was explained that Valerie had suddenly died and now, Michael's recently divorced sister, Sandy, is moving in to help raise the boys. Stories revolved around the boys growing up and

Latest Episode

Series 6 - Episode 12 - Isn't It Romantic?
Aired - 20 July 1991

Episode summary:

Lloyd is enthusiastic about an impending rendezvous with his first love who has come to town for a visit. Meanwhile, Willie and Mark get into a competition of sorts over romance. This after, Willie and Brenda get into an argument over his lack of romance. However, things go awry for both Willie and Lloyd when they get locked in a storeroom.

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