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Mama's Family

Premier :: 1983-01-01

on NBC

Genre :: Comedy

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Mama's Family mined humor from a squabbling family in the Midwestern blue collar suburb of Raytown. The noisy clan was headed by Mama, a buxom, gray-haired widow with sharp opinions and a sharper tongue who shared her small house with her high-strung sister Fran, a journalist for a local paper. Mama's lazy, dimwitted son, Vint, a locksmith by trade, moved in at the start of the series with his troublesome teenage children, Buzz and Sonja, after his wife run off to become a Las Vegas show-girl. Much to Mama's disgust, Vint soon took up with the flirtatious neighbor Naomi. The two where married in early 1983, and Naomi moved in too. Further uproar was caused by the periodic visits from Mama's two married daughter's, the foul mouthed Eunice and the snobbish Ellen. Ed was Eunice's Dolt of a husband. In the Fall of 86 Mama's Family returned to TV in first-run syndication. Fran had recently passed (Rue McClanahan was now starring in The Golden Girls) and Ed and Eunice had moved to Flor

Latest Episode

Series 6 - Episode 20 - Bye-Bye -- Baby!
Aired - 24 February 1990

Episode summary:

In the Series Finale, Mama is trying to calm Naomi down, who freaks out when Vint leaves her to go to work. Mama tells her the story of how great Carl was when Vint was born. Ofcourse she's lieing just to make Naomi feel better. She then tells Iola the real story. Seems she had to take the bus to the hospital when Carl refused to come out of the bathroom, as she went into to labor. Bubba, who's trying to make the college Water Polo team is driving Mama nuts by running up and down the stairs, when Naomi finally goes into labor, after seemingly being pregnant forever, but she refuses to go to the hospital until she gets her hot curler's. Vint who gets home just then, goes to get the car and panics and smashes his pickup into Mama's car, then promptly passes out when Mama tells him to calm down. Bubba (who made the Water Polo team) and Iola show up a little later and hear a baby cry coming from the trailer. As it turns out Mama had to deliver the baby, and now they need to pick a name for

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+ Series 6

+ Episode - 20 Bye-Bye -- Baby! Aired - 24 February 1990
+ Episode - 16 Pinup Mama Aired - 27 January 1990
+ Episode - 15 The Big Nap Aired - 20 January 1990
+ Episode - 14 Mama Gets Goosed Aired - 23 December 1989
+ Episode - 13 Mama Takes a Dive Aired - 16 December 1989
+ Episode - 12 War of the Roses Aired - 09 December 1989
+ Episode - 11 Mama Takes Stock Aired - 02 December 1989
+ Episode - 10 Bubba's House Band Aired - 25 November 1989
+ Episode - 8 Psycho Pheno-Mama Aired - 11 November 1989
+ Episode - 6 Mama Fights Back Aired - 28 October 1989
+ Episode - 4 Now Hear This Aired - 14 October 1989
+ Episode - 3 Mr. Wrong Aired - 07 October 1989
+ Episode - 2 An Affair to Forget Aired - 30 September 1989
+ Episode - 1 Mama's Medicine Show Aired - 23 September 1989

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