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Jamie's Great Escape

Premier :: 2005-05-04

Genre :: Home and Garden

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Four years of trying to save the world is enough for anyone: Jamie Oliver tackled school food with Jamie's School Dinners and got the young unemployed working in Jamie's Kitchen. Approaching 30, tired and in danger of losing touch with the joy of cooking, Jamie heads to Italy to escape and re-discover what inspired his love of food in the first place. In his clapped- out camper van, Jamie travels the country in search of its gastronomic heart, and cooks with people passionate about food.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Sicily
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

When Jamie Oliver started his Italian tour, he was stunned at the quality of the food served in Sicily’s street markets. Forget greasy burgers from a dodgy stall – in Sicily shoppers can eat like kings as they buy their weekly groceries. Delicacies like artichoke, fresh salads with olives and ripe tomatoes and fillets of fried fish are just some of the tasty dishes on offer. The narrow, winding streets and covered market stalls feel more like the traditional souks or bazaars found in African and Middle Eastern cultures than the markets of other regions of Italy. It is thanks to the geographical location of Sicily, just off the southern toe of the Italian boot that it has such fantastic street food.

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