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Double Dare (1976)

Premier :: 1976-12-01


Double Dare (1976) poster


It's hard to believe that the game show title Double Dare was first used not on Nickelodeon, but by Mark Goodson for a short-lived adult game show on CBS. Welcome to the Double Dare (1976) guide at TV Tome. Two contestants competed (each in isolation booths). Clues were read & the first person to buzz in (which caused the opponents booth to shut down & close the view) with the correct answer to the subject, wins $50. Then that contestant could "DARE" the opponent to guess the subject on the next clue. The booth was then opened & the contestant had 5 seconds to guess the subject. A correct guess paid $50 while an incorrect guess paid $100 to the player who dared him/her. Then the contestant could "DOUBLE DARE" the opponent for $200 (or $100 for the opponent). But if the contestant doesn't want to Dare or Double Dare, play moved on with a new subject. The first player to achieve $500 (No score went over $500; you wouldn't get $650 for winning a Double Dar

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