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Dominion Tank Police

Premier :: 1988-05-27

on Sci Fi

Genre :: Action

Dominion Tank Police poster
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New-Port City has a problem with crime, and in order to combat this the mayor orders the creation of a new police unit: THE TANK POLICE! Trouble ensues when the feisty Leona is transferred in from the motorcycle-division and has a little problem getting used to the tanks (i.e.: how to drive them without demolishing building.), and accidentally destroys the personal tank of the units commander, Lt. Britain. Threatened with re-assignment to chilled-welfare, Leona builds, with the help of Al and the Chaplain, a new smaller tank out of spare parts. The new tank, christened Bonaparte by Leona, is finished just in time to stop Crime-Lord Buaku and his henchwomen, Annapuna and Unipima (aka, the Cat Sisters), from steeling urine from people who are un-effected by the poison cloud that hangs over the entire planet. Finally accepted into the Tank Police, Leona ends up causing as much, if not more, trouble then the others ever did

Latest Episode

Series 0 - Episode 1 - TANK S.W.A.T. 01
Aired - 24 March 2006

Episode summary:

TANK S.W.A.T is a CGI-animated spinoff from the manga Dominion: Tank Police. Yuri and Asada are on a mission to retrieve confidential data discs that were stolen from the government, but once they finally track down the items, AI-controlled tanks threaten their lives. It's up to Leona Ozaki's Tank SWAT team to take action! But even if the enemy tanks are destroyed, danger still exists in the form of a mysterious android that has taken Asada hostage and fitted her with a bomb collar. Leona must make a choice: does she risk losing the data discs and the lives of the rest of her team for the life of a single team mate?

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