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Pluto: Disney Animated Shorts

Premier :: 1930-09-26

on Toon Disney

Genre :: Animation

Pluto: Disney Animated Shorts poster
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It was always a little difficult telling exactly whose dog Pluto was. Originally, he was developed because Walt thought it would be good for Mickey to have a pet. However, he has been at times taken care of by Minnie and Donald as well. He spent a small time in the Army, where he discovered Chip 'n' Dale and brought them into national prominence. But he also seems to have had a lot of time for having a life of his own. Pluto had two great loves in his life, Fifi and Dinah. And any number of kids who he could never deny parentage of, including the five puppies in "Pluto's Quin-puplets" and one specifically named "Pluto, Junior." There has also been a lot of argument about what kind of dog Pluto was, especially when compared to the other famous Disney dog, Goofy. But Pluto was always Mickey's dog, and in the words of Mickey, "He's just a mutt."

Latest Episode

Series 1950 - Episode 15 - The Simple Things
Aired - 18 April 1953

Episode summary:

Mickey tries to relax with a day of fishing while Pluto deals with a crabby clam and a hungry seagull.

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