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Nightwalker: Midnight Detective

Premier :: 1998-01-28

on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Action

Nightwalker: Midnight Detective poster
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Sihdo and Yayoi are of a private dective agency that watches the attacks of the breeds. Shido is a vampire and Yayoi is his blood source. Upon meeting Yayoi, he meets his little green friend, Guni. Enter Riho, an highshcool student. She loves Shido, but Shido only sees her as annoying girl, until a faitfull night. Finally she is accepted into this tight nit group. Together, the four solve cases of the breeds, saving humanity from the darkness grasp.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 12 - 12th Night: Eternal Darkness
Aired - 23 September 1998

Episode summary:

Riho turns against all she believes in. She looses faith in Shido. She goes out on her own, becoming exactly what Shido refused. Riho attacks the human population. Shido faces her. She kills guni and Yayoi. As everythinggoes wrong, Shido wakes up from the horrifing nightmare. It makes him think of his relationship with Riho. Cain encounters him saying this is all what could have happened. Shido refuses and decides to take his chances with Riho. The last scene we see Riho and Shido inside a coffin huggling each other close.

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