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The Dark Side of Modern Love - Series 1
Episode 2 - Fatal Attraction

Aired - 29 November 2006

Episode summary:

Fatal Attraction looks at the changing attitudes towards casual sex and explores the long-term and shocking consequences that people have experienced following one seemingly frivolous night of passion. Couple Chay and Michelle were still facing the repercussions of Chay's one night of passion three years later, as his former fling embarked on a terrifying stalking campaign. When Steven succumbed to a friend's provocative advances, he was faced with a false rape allegation a month later. Carefree 20-year-old Rogan's seemingly innocent one-night stand resulted in him becoming a father a little sooner than expected. And 25-year-old Sylvia, finding herself too busy to meet men, places adverts on the internet for casual sex, which she considers the quickest way to satisfy her desires.

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