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Dark Towers

Premier :: 1981-09-01

on BBC Two

Genre ::

Dark Towers poster


Dark Towers is a 1981 educational production by the BBC in the Look and Read series. The series remains highly popular in primary schools to this day. The show involves two main characters; Tracy and Edward. They go about their mission to stop a group, led by Miss Hawk, from stealing the treasures of Dark Towers.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 10 - The Last Laugh
Aired - 01 December 1981

Episode summary:

Tracey arrives back at Dark Towers as darkness falls, meaning that the Tall Knight will soon appear. She convinces Lord Dark she is innocent, and he calls the police. Miss Hawk snatches the Golden Book of the Tall Knight and splits as all of Dark Towers plunges into darkness. Benger and Bunce go after her. As Tracey, Towser, Edward, and Lord Dark emerge from Dark Towers, the Tall Knight arrives, and scares the bad guys witless. As Benger, Bunce, and Miss Hawk are arrested, and the darkness lifts, Tracey gives Lord Dark the Golden Book of the Tall Knight. The Tall Knight has vanished, but throughout the house are strange sounds like laughter. The ghosts of Dark Towers are having the last laugh.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 10 The Last Laugh Aired - 01 December 1981
+ Episode - 9 Who Can Help? Aired - 24 November 1981
+ Episode - 8 Beware of the Bird! Aired - 17 November 1981
+ Episode - 7 The Dark Tree Aired - 10 November 1981
+ Episode - 3 The Old Legend Aired - 06 October 1981

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