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Slow Dance

Premier :: 2005-07-04

on Fuji TV

Genre :: Comedy

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Reach Serizawa is a pure-hearted 25-year-old man who is always afraid of taking the risks and big steps necessary to "reach" his goal. Although his dream is to become a film director, he ends up taking a job at an average company just like his friends. Isaki Makino is a stylish 31-year-old clothing store owner. She is very outspoken and says whatever is on her mind. But when it comes to a man she likes, she becomes aloof and calculating, which prevents her from expressing her real feelings. Mino Koike is a 24-year-old woman who works at Isaki's shop. She is seen as a very simple innocent girl, but actually, she always knows what's going on around her. Although Mino is enjoying her romantic life just like other girls in their 20's, she is looking for her prince. Eisuke Serizawa is Reach's 32-year-old brother. He is an elite business man who graduated from a prestigious university and now works at a major bank. Good-looking, smart, and mature, he is the kind of man Reach wants to become. From time to time, Eisuke has influenced Reach in critical periods of his life.

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Series 1 - Episode 11 - I Have Always Loved You
Aired - 12 September 2005

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