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Amish in the City

Premier :: 2004-07-01

Airs :: Wednesday 8:00 PM on UPN

Genre :: Reality

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This reality series chronicles the experience of five Amish people on rumspringa -- the time when people leave the Amish community to experience the outside world -- as they live with six "city kids" in a Hollywood Hills house. "Real World"-style culture clashes ensue. Show Background: The show generated a good bit of controversy when UPN announced the project, but some of the rumbling died down after the network previewed the show for critics and appeared true to its word that it treated the Amish kids -- three men and two women -- with respect.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 9 - I Am Torn
Aired - 21 September 2004

Episode summary:

In the season finale of Amish in the City: Jonas gets his GED results, and passes it with top marks: 99% in math, 98% in writing, and 99% in reading. There are some problems with Harley, who pees in the house. The group go on a sailing trip. Kevan and Jonas go to a college and visit some classes so that Jonas can explore his options. Whitney, Mirium, and Ruth also visit a college, since Whitney and Ruth are thinking of going to nursing school. Everyone is reminisces about the times they've had together, and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Mose makes everyone a neat, handmade, wooden gift, and sends them all on a scavenger hunt inside the house to get them. Reese and Kevan make amends and hug. For a last hurrah, they all get to go to a club's VIP section, where the music booker has a talk with Nick and Mose about starting a music career, but Nick fails to see the value of good advice he is getting and acts like an ass. On their last night the group watch the Ju

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