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BBC Documentaries

Premier :: 1936-11-02

on BBC

Genre :: Documentary

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Very popular documentaries of BBC network production.

Latest Episode

Series 2015 - Episode 53 - James Brown - Mr. Dynamite
Aired - 28 February 2015

Episode summary:

Pioneering the journey from rhythm and blues to funk, James Brown forever changed the face of American music. Mr Dynamite follows the story of Brown as he escaped his impoverished southern roots to become the biggest name in soul music and one of the most important music talents of the 20th century. This captivating film utilises never-before-seen concert footage, interviews with Brown from a variety of sources and recent insights from band members and others who knew the singer, to tell the remarkable story of the supremely gifted and enormously influential American musical icon. Mick Jagger is among those who recall his magnetic showmanship - first catching Brown's act from the balcony of the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, only to have Brown steal the spotlight when they performed on the same Los Angeles television show. Beyond musical talent, the film documents how Brown played a pivotal role in the civil rights movement, whilst later endorsing Richard Nixon, whose politics chimed with his own entrepreneurship.

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