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BBC Documentaries

Premier :: 1936-11-02

on BBC

Genre :: Documentary

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Very popular documentaries of BBC network production.

Latest Episode

Series 2015 - Episode 78 - Hillary Clinton: The Power Of Women
Aired - 25 March 2015

Episode summary:

Twenty years ago, while still First Lady, Hillary Clinton made a ground-breaking speech in Beijing setting down a challenge to world leaders: to treat women's rights as human rights. Since then, a new generation of women, including Hillary herself, have risen to some of the top jobs in global politics. But 20 years on from that famous speech, has anything really changed for women? In candid interviews, Clinton along with her predecessors as Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright talk about the commitment they made to improve women's rights – and the struggles they went through to make a difference. The programme also hears from female politicians and campaigners from across the globe who have been making strides for change in their own countries. From the battle to give girls a right to education in Afghanistan, to preventing the growth of sex trafficking in India, the programme hears from the women who dare to speak out for their gender. In Liberia women helped bring an end to the civil war by making waves in their community. Organiser of the protests Leymah Gbowee reflects back on the horror of women of living in a country where rape is used as a tool of war; and how the women’s non-violent protest forced change and Liberia ended up with Africa’s first woman president. The film also reveals the shocking extent of abuses in some countries and conflict zones and asks what Western politicians should – and should not - do to promote women’s rights and equality. And as the US waits to hear if Hillary Clinton will make a second attempt at the US presidency, the film will assess how much progress has been made since Clinton's speech and why there's been a backlash in some areas.

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