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BBC Documentaries

Premier :: 1936-11-02

on BBC

Genre :: Documentary

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Very popular documentaries of BBC network production.

Latest Episode

Series 2014 - Episode 90 - 24 Hours on Earth
Aired - 21 April 2014

Episode summary:

The changing position of the sun in the sky affects the behaviour of animals and plants across our planet. From the moment it rises, animals are waiting, ready to take advantage of the opportunities that the sun creates. A quirky chameleon uses solar power to survive, while a family of lemurs get a morning heat fix. But, as the day progresses and the sun climbs higher in the sky, becoming more powerful, animals must also react as it pushes them toward moments of crisis. As the sun sets and its great heat and light are extinguished, a night-time world wakes, full of characters who have carved a niche in the darkness. But even in the dead of night, the sun is not lost. Its rays are reflected in the moon, our 'ghost sun.' We take the rising and setting of the sun for granted, but it is the ultimate game changer. The way the natural world responds will be the difference between success and failure, life or death.

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+ Series 2014

+ Episode - 50 Helmut by June Aired - 13 March 2014
+ Episode - 36 The Pity of War Aired - 28 February 2014
+ Episode - 33 The Necessary War Aired - 25 February 2014
+ Episode - 27 Mystery of the Moor Aired - 07 February 2014
+ Episode - 23 Sound City Aired - 31 January 2014
+ Episode - 22 These Four Walls Aired - 02 February 2014
+ Episode - 19 The Zoo Next Door Aired - 28 January 2014
+ Episode - 17 The Naked Rambler Aired - 21 January 2014

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