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Big Brother (Australia)

Premier :: 2001-04-01

Airs :: Daily 8:30 PM on Nine Network

Genre :: Reality

Big Brother (Australia) poster


The craze of Big Brother is simple - 14 people in a house on camera 24/7. Each week, one is evicted. Throw in 3 specials a week and voila - a hit series! The phenomenon has swept the world and has finally reached Australia and New Zealand, and by the ratings, it's here to stay. Each year the producers try to come up with fresh un-used ideas. In previous years the winner of Big Brother has pocketed $250,000. That's enough money to set any young person up financially. But this year's prize money is out of control. The winner of Big Brother 2004 will become a millionaire! And it will be kept secret from the Housemates, until Big Brother decides to share it with them. Everybody seems to have a bit of a '70s feel about them at the moment. There's a bit of a resurgence of all of that. It just sort of made sense that people would love to have a disco floor in their house. Bean bags seem to have come back into vogue. The shag carpet came from all that as well. There's stuff like fun

Latest Episode

Series 11 - Episode 41 - Day 51: Daily Show
Aired - 30 October 2014

Episode summary:

Tonight on Big Brother, it’s all about tricks of the trade and a challenge to impress. Big Brother would like the original Housemates to teach the four newbies the Big Brother tricks of the trade. He buddies up the newbies with the originals, and Lawson is particularly excited to be educating Lina with a few tricks of his own. While Leo is next door Skye’s infatuation has turned to Penny. They’ve been like two peas in a pod. Skye even goes as far as telling Big Brother “she loves Penny”. The newbies accept Big Brother’s challenge to impress the original Housemates, so Lina and Richard sit in an ice bath for one minute to win a soccer ball. And Penny and Tom sit in an ice bath for two minutes to win a surf and turf dinner. Over in the Sanctuary the Housemates presumptuously get ready, expecting an invite for dinner in the main house. However, Big Brother has other plans and sends them two-minute noodles, which does not impress Leo. The Snooze task is over. Will the Housemates pass? Or have they dozed off once too often ...

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