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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Premier :: 1997-05-25

Airs :: Wednesday 8:00 PM on FOX

Genre :: Science-Fiction

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"Within this hour we will tell you five stories, some real, some fake, you decide. Your call." This weekly series first premired in May 1997. Back then with host, James Brolin. He then left, and Jonathan Frakes, made it very interesting as host there on after. This series has been on and off, with 'burnoffs' that included over 1997/1998, where they just brought it back for one day on friday, which made people confused, because it didn't air the week after that. But again, FOX revived it was brought back for the Summer 2002. Creepy true stories like the boy vanishing in the closet, and false stories, like the dog coming back to life, and the couple struggling with money finds the Gone with the Wind dresses in their closet. Watch "Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction?" on the Sci-Fi Channel every Wednesday at 7:00pm EST. Also check out the Marathon on Wednesday, Oct. 27th starting at 8:00am EST & the Marathon on Friday, November 19th starting at 8:00am EST on the Sci-Fi Chan

Latest Episode

Series 4 - Episode 13 - The Hand, The Battered Doll, Poker Justice, Above the Clouds & Screen Saver
Aired - 05 September 2002

Episode summary:

Segment 1: ""The Hand"" - In a bar called the Bloody Hand, named after a brutal murder of a woman whose only remains found were her bloody hand, a drifter finds the hand is pointing at him. Is it a practical joke or is he the killer? Segment 2: ""The Battered Doll"" - A maid kills her employers and claims innocence until one of the prize possessions of the mistress, tells otherwise. The only problem it's a doll. Segment 3: ""Poker Justice"" - In the early 1900s, in an Irish bar, three poker players kill another one when he's revealed to be a cheat, and the only way to get back their losings is to enlist the aid of a ""good man"". They give the winnings to a boy found in the church and precede to play poker with him to win their money back. The only problem is that he's good and proceeds to win more of their money! Is he a cheat too? Segment 4: ""Above the Clouds"" - Melanie continues to have a dream where she is trapped in an elevator and it terrifies her. When she must travel in an elevator wit

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