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TV Nation

Premier :: 1994-07-01

on NBC

Genre :: Comedy

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Welcome to the TV Nation guide at TV Tome. Producer Micheal Moore presented this newsmagazine as a humorous presentation that reports on things that big corporate media tends to avoid. These topics include a running feature on crimes by business corporations, positive reports on labour union activity, debunking right-wing political claims, and the general exploitation of the little person by the privileged and powerful in society.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 7 - Bully Reunion Night
Aired - 08 September 1995

Episode summary:

Bully Reunion Night Each TV Nation correspondent is reunited with his or her bully from high school. The bullies are flown to New York for a special fun-filled weekend of carriage rides through Central Park, tandem bicycle rides, and a little payback. Confession Once a year all Catholics are required to go to Confession to confess their sins from the year. Interestingly enough, no two priests give the same penance for the same sins. As a service to our Catholic viewers, TV Nation presents the first ever ""Consumer's Guide to the Confessional."" We go to confession in twenty churches in the New York city area and confesses her sins. We then discover which churches hand out the lightest penance. TV Felons What do you have to get a license for in this country? Driving. Hunting. Fishing. How about to watch TV? Ridiculous, huh? Not in Great Britain, where unless you apply and pay for a license for the privilege of watching television, you can go to jail. TV Nation travels through Britai

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+ Series 2

+ Episode - 8 Fox Show 8 (BBC Only) Aired - Air date unknown.
+ Episode - 7 Bully Reunion Night Aired - 08 September 1995
+ Episode - 6 Fox Show 6 Aired - 01 September 1995
+ Episode - 5 Canada Night Aired - 25 August 1995
+ Episode - 4 Love Night Aired - 11 August 1995
+ Episode - 3 War Night Aired - 04 August 1995
+ Episode - 2 Payback Night Aired - 28 July 1995
+ Episode - 1 We're #1 Aired - 21 July 1995

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