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Mastering the Art

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on Sky Arts

Genre :: Special Interest

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Notorious art forger John Myatt teaches students the tricks of the trade. This part looks at David Hockney's iconic Californian pool paintings. This exclusive ten-part Sky Arts series follows notorious art forger John Myatt, the man who was involved in what Scotland Yard called the biggest art fraud of the 20th Century, around the UK as he teaches aspiring artists how to paint in the style of the worlds greatest artists. Myatt's stunning forgeries of Matisse, Chagall and Klee notoriously fooled the art world in the 1990s. After seven successful years of gulling the world's most prominent private collectors and art experts, Myatt was eventually caught and charged with deception in 1998. He served time in Brixton prison but his subsequent fame has enabled him to open a legitimate Genuine Fake business where his replica paintings now sell for thousands of pounds and fine art publishers Washington Green have exhibited his work on a national tour. So high is the level of interest in his life story that Clive Owen is rumoured to play him in a forthcoming British film called what else? Genuine Fake. In this revealing series, Myatt reveals the tricks of the trade and stylistic insights which enabled him to emulate iconic paintings from world-renowned artists. From a Monet landscape to a Modigliani nude, Myatt provides his aspiring students with both the theory and technique to set up their easels and capture the composition of a street scene by Hopper or the brushstrokes of a still life by Cezanne. And he passes on the tricks of the trade too - did you know that rubbing soil onto canvas replicates Braque's finish for example, or that coffee ages a painting by a century or more?

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Edward Hopper
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

This episode sees Myatt take his students to Dungeness in Kent - the perfect location to recreate the desolate landscape of one of arts great realists, the American, Edward Hopper. A Hopper landscape may look simple to copy, but the biggest challenge for the students is to bring a soulless landscape to life by giving it a sense that there is actually something going on. The landscape is an immediate worry for book illustrator Shirley Chaing, whose own paintings are bright and humorous. Will she be able to leave her own style behind to capture the loneliness of a Hopper? And, once the windswept beach has been left behind, Myatt unveils a drawing of Brixton Prison that he sketched when he was jailed for art forgery - and reveals his rather unorthodox way of getting it home...

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