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The Truth About Climate Change

Premier :: 2006-05-24

on BBC One

Genre :: Documentary

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The Truth About Climate Change is a two part documentary presented by Sir David Attenborough who asks the question ‘What is the future for our world?' Some extraordinary phenomena have taken place in recent times; Hurricane Katrina, the heat wave of 2003, polar bears swimming in search of ice and vast swarms of insects enveloping an African village. But are these isolated incidents or are they omens of a greater global change? Sir David discovers that the world is warming at an unprecedented rate, and finds out why this is now far beyond any normal allowance for cyclical fluctuation. But are humans to blame? These changes are already in motion whatever we do now, but Sir David believes that we may be able to act to prevent a catastrophe. People around the world are having to adapt their way of life as the climate changes; the Inuit in the Arctic whose hunting is now limited, the Pacific island inhabitants forced to move as their homes disappear beneath the waves, and the Siberian homes slowly sinking into the permafrost. Sir David investigates some of the possible scenarios for the future, including rising sea-levels, insect plagues and an increase in diseases.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 2 - Can We Save Planet Earth?
Aired - 01 June 2006

Episode summary:

Part 2 is taken up by looking ahead, to what the long-term impact on the planet is likely to be, and things we can do to make sure those worse case scenarios simply don’t come true. Given the strengths of the arguments made before the documentary arrives at this segment, it’s not something you’ll want to ignore.

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