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Titanic: Blood and Steel

Premier :: 2012-04-15

on Encore

Genre :: Drama

Titanic: Blood and Steel poster


Titanic Blood and Steel looks beneath the traditional romance that many associate with the “ship of dreams” and looks at the design and construction of the liner from the perspective of the people who made the ship a reality. Using Belfast and its hardships of the period 1907 - 1912 as a setting, this new series depicts the story of budgetary constraints and the relentless demands, placed on workers, by Titanic owner J.P. Morgan (played in this series by Chris Noth).

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 12 - The 'Unsinkable' Sets Sail
Aired - 15 August 2012

Episode summary:

The time has come for the great ship to leave for the New World. As Morgan always wanted, Titanic's maiden's voyage will become one of the first great PR events. Sofia and Joanna Yaeger are friends and she gets her a job as an illustrator for the New York Times. Pietro uses most of his money to buy her a ticket. Mark himself only gets on board by chance. The group also includes Jack Lowry, a young riveter we met since the beginning of the story. Violetta with the baby, whom Michael MacCann, has come back to marry. Joanna will be onboard – and so will Kitty, by now an acclaimed actress. A little girl by the name of Sarah, with her mother, will board Third Class. Neither Mark nor his daughter are aware of their presence onboard the Titanic. And, while the ship sails for New York, and Mark and Sofia finally find happiness and reconciliation, we are left asking ourselves: who amongst our characters will survive the great disaster?

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