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Blood Dolphins

Premier :: 2010-08-27

Airs :: Monday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet

Genre :: Documentary

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With his son, filmmaker Lincoln O'Barry, Ric O'Barry continues the journey that began in the Academy Award-winning film "The Cove", where he and a crew of experts exposed the world to the shocking slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Saving the Solomons'
Aired - 17 September 2010

Episode summary:

Ric and Lincoln O'Barry's mission to the Solomon Islands continues and is fully launched on two fronts. First, they must confirm the true intentions of dolphin dealer-turned apparent reformer, Chris Porter. Secondly, they make inroads with the indigenous people still involved in dolphin hunting. The summit meeting between Ric and Porter is a tense affair complete with accusations and recriminations, but there are no conclusive results. In the end, Porter breaks down during a confrontation with one of the team members. He has dolphins to free, and he wants Ric to help him. On the other front, Ric's delicate negotiations with the dolphin hunting villages are nearly derailed when a letter signed by several chiefs and parliament members is made public. The letter contains a clear warning that Ric, Lincoln and their entire team should stay away from the island of Malaita. Soon, however, Ric and Lincoln are told the letter is a hoax. They proceed to the island and finally enter into an agreement with one of the villages to stop hunting dolphins. It is a rare, tangible victory in the fight to save dolphins.

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