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Dream Eater Merry

Premier :: 2011-01-06

on Tokyo Broadcasting System

Genre :: Action

Dream Eater Merry poster


High school student Fujiwara Yumeji possesses the unusual ability to see other people's dreams. One day, he meets Merry who had wandered from the Dream World into the Real World. This meeting raises many questions for Yumeji. Who exactly is Merry? What is the Dream World and what are Nightmares? What purpose do the Nightmares have for entering the Real World?

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 13 - Dream Again
Aired - 08 April 2011

Episode summary:

As Yumeji's attack against Mystletainn fails, Lestion sacrifices himself in order to provide Chizuru with a bullet to shoot Mystletainn, shattering her own soul in the process. However, Mystletainn survives the attack and catches Merry in a Bud of Despair, causing her to face her own despair. Yumeji, however, decides not to give and uses the power of his dreams to replicate John's weapon. As Yumeji takes on Mystletainn's attacks, Yui manages to free Merry, who becomes invigorated by Yumeji's belief in her, restoring Engi's dream world and healing her injuries. As Merry and Engi launch an attack on her, Mystletainn swallows Parade, meaning killing her would mean destroying Isana's dreams. However, after encouragement from Yumeji, Merry manages to send Parade back to the dream world and defeat Mystletainn, returning everyone to the real world, with Isana perfectly fine. Although Chizuru's dreams and souls were shattered, Yumeji feels confident that she can start over again, as humans aren't limited to one dream.

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