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Premier :: 2008-11-12


Genre :: Documentary

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The oceans are Earth's single most important feature. Explorer Paul Rose leads a team of ocean experts in a series of global science expeditions. With him, maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue investigates our past and our relationship with the sea, exploring shipwrecks and lost civilisations; marine biologist and Oceanographer Tooni Mahto seeks the extraordinary life in our oceans today; and environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr looks to the future of our oceans and charts the way they're changing.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 8 - Arctic Ocean
Aired - 17 December 2008

Episode summary:

A guide to the sites visited by the Oceans team in the Arctic Ocean. The Team head to this hostile and remote ocean where they plan to dive beneath the polar ice cap to explore how the ice, the dominant feature of this ocean, is shrinking and how this could affect the rest of the world. The team risks diving in sub zero temperatures to collect samples of the tiny creatures that are the basis of the Arctic's complex food chain.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 8 Arctic Ocean Aired - 17 December 2008
+ Episode - 7 Mediterranean Sea Aired - 10 December 2008
+ Episode - 5 Indian Ocean Aired - 03 December 2008
+ Episode - 4 Atlantic Ocean Aired - 27 November 2008
+ Episode - 3 Red Sea Aired - 26 November 2008
+ Episode - 2 Southern Ocean Aired - 19 November 2008
+ Episode - 1 Sea of Cortez Aired - 12 November 2008

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