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Hatfields & McCoys

Premier :: 2012-05-28

on History

Genre :: Drama

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Kevin Costner is set to star as "Devil" Anse Hatfield in this 2012 premiere that will coincide with the 150th anniversary of the famous family feud.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Part 3
Aired - 30 May 2012

Episode summary:

Bad Frank's raids force the besieged Hatfields deeper into the mountains; the impulsive Johnse sets his sights on another McCoy woman; the ruthless Nancy McCoy spies on the Hatfields; and the feud leads to a shattering New Year's Day battle.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 3 Part 3 Aired - 30 May 2012
+ Episode - 2 Part 2 Aired - 29 May 2012
+ Episode - 1 Part 1 Aired - 28 May 2012

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Written by :- thetvking Date added 2012-07-20 00:00:00 View more Hatfields & McCoys.
A Hatfields & McCoys news item image Channel 5 have announced today that they have secured the rights to air Hatfields & McCoys. After agreeing a deal with Sony Pictures Television. The 3 part mini-series aired earlier this summer in the USA on History Channel, and the start studded cast averaged 14 million viewers. Becoming History Channel's top rated show, ever. TheTVKing's JeromeWetzelTV was impressed saying “Lucki...read more
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Written by :- JeromeWetzelTV Date added 2012-05-31 00:00:00 View more Hatfields & McCoys.
A Hatfields & McCoys reviews item imagePremiering to record breaking numbers for cable, it is clear that the History Channel has a hit on its hands with the new miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. It's not too late to catch the six hour saga, as it continues to repeat. And catch it, you should. This is what the History Channel should do more of! Bring the stories of the past alive in well scripted, well produced drama. In this goal, Hat...read more
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