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China Triumph and Turmoil

Premier :: 2012-03-12

on Channel 4

Genre :: Documentary

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Niall Ferguson examines China's rapid rise as a global financial superpower, exploring how its communist government has maintained relative stability despite relying on a largely capitalist economy.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Superpower
Aired - 26 March 2012

Episode summary:

Niall Ferguson asks what China's growing global presence and aggressive nationalism mean to all of us. China's supercharged economic growth signals a seismic shift in political power from West to East. We are increasingly dependent on China's money to bail out our own fragile economies. But at what price? How can we protest when China challenges our most deeply held beliefs about democracy and freedom of speech by locking up its citizens? Should we criticise them or just keep quiet for fear of frightening off much needed investment? When China transforms itself from an assembler of products invented in the West to an innovator in its own right what will be left for us to do? What will it be like to work in a Chinese-dominated world?

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 3 Superpower Aired - 26 March 2012
+ Episode - 2 Maostalgia Aired - 19 March 2012
+ Episode - 1 Emperors Aired - 12 March 2012

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