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Metal Fighter Miku

Premier :: 1994-07-08

on TV Tokyo

Genre :: Animation

Metal Fighter Miku poster


In the year 2061 A.D., Neo Pro-Wrestling, a form of wrestling that allows for armour and other enhancements, is rapidly growing in popularity. In this, Miku, a young flighty girl is set to join her friends as the tag team known as the Pretty Four. However, the competition is fierce and their opponents are ready to do whatever it takes to win. Against this, the Four manage to obtain the services of an eccentric coach who trained their hero, Aquamarine. With his guidance, the four start on their fight for the top as they must train within almost inhuman discipline while their matches become more and more challenging as their opponents rise in the ranks.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Miku Steps Into The Ring: Pretty Four vs Devil Sisters.
Aired - Air date unknown.

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