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Air Crash Disasters

Premier :: 2009-03-05

on Discovery

Genre :: Documentary

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In a fascinating combination of human interest stories and scientific investigation, this collection profiles some of the most shocking air traffic incidents in aviation history. An insightful opportunity to witness the facts behind such tragic air disasters as the Tenerife 1977 and New York 2001. Aircrash Disasters investigates both high-profile and little-known air disasters. We uncover how and why they happened, viewers are taken on board flights in trouble, recreating the tension and pressure in the cockpit and cabin. Events depicted here are based on cockpit voice recorders, flight data information and accident reports. News footage, interviews with key witnesses, and CGI is also used to shed light on causes behind disasters.

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Series 1 - Episode 1 - The Tenerife Air Disaster
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

On March 27th, 1977 in the beautiful Canary Islands of Spain, the worst disaster in aviation history to date took place. In an attempt to take off in a thick fog, a 747 collides with another on the runway in Tenerife. The fiery explosion kills 583 people, leaving just 70 survivors. By using forensic re-creations and transcripts of the recorded cockpit and control tower conversation, this programme investigates exactly what went wrong. We interview the only surviving pilot, Captain Robert Bragg, and two of the stewardesses working on one of the planes that day as they take us though the events and their experiences. We hear from numerous experts, authors and pilots as we try to unravel the events leading up to the incredible disaster. This type of collision is referred to as a runway incursion and, shockingly, we learn that we are far from protected from another Tenerife taking place again.

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