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Premier :: 2001-07-01

on Nine Network

Genre ::

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Welcome to the Outriders guide at TV Tome. The story tells of a group of kids who, all for their own reasons, can't fit into society. Staying at the Outriders, under the leadership of Tori. The group have some adventures, particularly with their horses but in the end usually come out on top.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 26 - Web of Lies (4)
Aired - 13 August 2001

Episode summary:

Shane is upset over having to give Lucky back and Vince is depressed over the conflicting times of the deal and Mr. Miller. Julia goes to see Jessie's daughters owner to discover that, while Tempus died, her daughter Mistrel is up for sale for cheap. In the end, Vince turns the thugs in but gets Mac out of a prison sentence while Julia buys Mistrel. When Lucky's owner discovers Shane has tamed him he offers to let Shane keep Lucky at Outriders for the time being. On Julia's last day, she gives Tori Mistrel while her presents from all of them turn out to be good. Vince's probation officer sticks up for him in court but, with a deal from Tori, he decides to stay at Outriders anyway.

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