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Premier :: 2011-10-07

Airs :: Friday 01:55 on Tokyo Broadcasting System

Genre :: Animation

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Hasegawa Kodaka is a recent transfer student to St. Chronica's Academy, a Catholic high school. As with every other school he has ever attended, he finds it difficult to make friends there because of his naturally-blond hair (inherited from his deceased English mother) and fierce-looking eyes, which make him look like a dangerous "yankee" to his prejudiced schoolmates. One day, Kodaka accidentally comes across the equally solitary and very abrasive Yozora Mikazuki while she converses with her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing that neither of them have any social lives, they decide that the best way to improve their situation is to form a club – the Neighbor's Club – precisely intended to make friends and learn social skills.

Latest Episode

Series 2 - Episode 12 - I Have... Friends
Aired - 29 March 2013

Episode summary:

Kodaka helps out Aoi, who is behind on her work due to her studying of the Neighbors Club, and is eventually joined by Hinata. Impressed by his work, Hinata offers Kodaka a position on the student council. Kodaka turns down the offer but keeps helping them out with some grunt work whilst continuing to avoid the clubroom. Later on in the week, Kodaka runs into Yukimura, who explains only she and Sena have been regularly visiting the clubroom and also states why she still continues to serve Kodaka. Afterwards, Kodaka is called up to the rooftop by Rika, who starts attacking him with remote controlled steel balls as punishment for fleeing from the club. As Kodaka takes the brunt of Rika's attacks, he admits his weaknesses whilst also getting her to admit what she truly wants; friends. After the fighting calms down, Kodaka asks Rika to become his official friend, to which Rika responds that she and the others have always been friends. As Kodaka returns to the clubroom to speak with Sena, they all receive a text from Yozora saying she is going on a journey. After the credits, Yozora is seen turning back around with tears, implying everyone went after her.
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