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Premier :: 2005-04-01

on Showcase

Genre :: Comedy

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G-Spot follows the trials and tribulations of Gigi (Brigitte Bako, The Mind of the Married Man, New York Stories, Red Shoe Diaries), a 30-something actress in Hollywood whose early roles in critically-acclaimed films have since given way to an ever-growing repertoire of late-night B-movies. Originally from Montreal and now living in Los Angeles, Gigi is determined to make an all-out comeback - in her career, and with love.

Latest Episode

Series 3 - Episode 8 - Gigiwood
Aired - 20 May 2009

Episode summary:

The gang surprises Gigi in Halifax—in more ways than one! When Rick fails to receive a much-expected Oscar nomination, the gang heads to Halifax to surprise Gigi who has been slapped with a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Poor Gigi, she’s also been fighting Mr. Wright’s decisions every step of the way. Didn’t he promise her he’d help her make a pilot she’d be proud of? Then why is he insisting on casting a Scotsman named Seamus McPhee to play Miguel, a Latino gangbanger? But the gang’s all here and she’s thrilled. After meeting their “doubles,” Rick is quick to give fake Rick some pointers and Stella has some moves of her own. It’s Livia’s jealousy that rears its head after she spots Roxy flirting with her double, that is until her contractions begin and the baby is born! But it’s Mr. Wright’s delivery that really rocks Gigi’s world.

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