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The Blue Racer

Premier :: 1972-07-01

Genre :: Animation

The Blue Racer poster


The series focused on a fast blue snake named Blue Racer chasing a Japanese Beetle. The character Japanese Beetle first appeared in "Tijuana Toads" episode "Hop and Chop" while Blue Racer first appeared in "A Snake in the Gracias". The snake and the beetle finally got his own series a year later and it was similar to Road Runner and Coyote. The series was actually a theatrical cartoon made from 1972-74 by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, but it was reruned in syndication months after the series ended, but only few local networks picked it up, and it was like the series never aired on TV, but it continued to appear on TV until mid 1980s. Please persuade MGM (they own copyrights to the series) into releasing Blue Racer on VHS and DVD.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 17 - Little Boa Peep
Aired - 15 January 1974

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