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How Sex Works

Premier :: 2012-01-09

Airs :: Monday 21:00 on BBC Three

Genre :: Documentary

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How Sex Works is a documentary series which uses CGI as the series takes a look at the physiological, neurological and psychological changes that happen before, during and after sex.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 3 - Making It Last
Aired - 23 January 2012

Episode summary:

This programme explores how sex and relationships change as we move into long-term relationships. We follow a young couple who are expecting their first child and explore the major transformation their relationship goes through on the road to this life-changing event - from the challenges of maintaining a sex life in the later stages of pregnancy to the emotional issues attached to becoming a parent for the first time. We follow a woman in her early thirties who is adamant she wants to achieve more in her career before she settles down and has kids. But with her biological clock ticking she is concerned that this decision might be taken out of her hands. We meet people whose sex life has thrown up unexpected challenges in long-term relationships, including a taxi driver who had a penile implant fitted after he struggled with erectile dysfunction once he was married with kids. We also meet a married mother of two who explains how the pressures of marriage and being a working mum have led her to explore an extra-marital relationship. And we follow a young woman whose strong drive to have a baby has been complicated by the fact she has been through the early menopause. With her husband she has decided to try and conceive through IVF using an egg donated by her cousin and we follow this emotional journey. With access to cutting-edge science and computer graphics the programme explores many of the physical and emotional issues associated with sex, love and starting a family at a crucial time in our lives when our priorities change and we start to settle down.

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