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Zorro and Son

Premier :: 1983-04-01

Genre :: Action and Adventure

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Zorro (Henry Darrow), is still trying to protect the people, but Captain Paco Pico (Gregory Sierra) and Sergeant Sepulveda (Richard Beauchamp) keep stopping his attempts. Bernardo (Bill Dana), a trustworthy assistant to Zorro, sees that Don Carlos (Paul Regina), now Zorro Jr., comes to help his father stop all evil doing. Also See Zorro Zorro (1981) Zorro (1990) Zorro (1997)

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 5 - The Butcher of Barcelona
Aired - 01 June 1983

Episode summary:

When Paco Pico is confronted by Captain Jorge Mendez & El Excellente, he becomes afraid that he might lose his spot in the office. He turns to Don Diego for support to help him keep his position. In the end, Diego tells Pico that he didn't want Captain Mendez in charge because he would be a greater ruler than Pico. Also according to Mendez, he almost caught Diego.

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