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How to Cook Like Heston - Series 1
Episode 4 - Chicken

Aired - 25 January 2012

Episode summary:

In this edition Heston challenges the way we cook chicken; the most popular meat in the world, but an old bird he believes is in need of a makeover. First up he attempts to revolutionise the way we roast a chicken by sharing his low and slow cooking technique. Then he gets to grips with the chicken's many delicious parts via an autopsy. At his village hall, Heston challenges the local hockey team to a blind stock tasting match before introducing his own super flavour-boosting stock - the secret of which is a sprinkling of milk powder to increase the levels of protein and sugar. Heston also reveals his guarded recipe for his dreamy chicken and ham pie, and demonstrates a shortcut for preparing a Michelin-star worthy chicken consomm? For a final bit of theatre, Heston teaches viewers how they can use hot water, dry ice and essential lemon oils to flood our kitchens with chicken enhancing aromas.

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