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Figaro Pho

Premier :: 2009-04-07

on ABC

Genre :: Animation

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Figaro Pho is a boy swamped with an alphabet of phobias. Whether it’s the fear of spiders, jelly, old people, vegetables, beards or even vibrating to pieces, Figaro has experienced them all! In fact, there probably isn’t a single phobia Figaro hasn’t harboured, lodged or morbidly entertained. Figaro Pho has been inspired by the fact that we love to poke fun at our various fears and idiosyncrasies and takes a light-hearted approach to phobias, because they can be amusing, cryptic, confusing, imaginatively surreal and bizarre. Take a journey into the absurd and humorous Gothic world of Figaro Pho as he reveals to us his own personal A-Z of fears.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 1 - Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders)
Aired - Air date unknown.

Episode summary:

Figaro is reading on his favorite chair (the toilet) only to be interrupted by a descending spidery visitor. In a vain attempt to rid of the furry fiend, Figaro Blows the spider away with a gust of breath, only to swallow his worst nightmare on his intake of air.

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+ Series 1

+ Episode - 27 Aired - Air date unknown.

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