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American Stuffers

Premier :: 2012-01-05

Airs :: Thursday 10:00 PM on Animal Planet

Genre :: Reality

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For some people, preserving the memory of a deceased pet takes more than simply displaying a few photographs. Much more, in fact, for the people who visit Xtreme Taxidermy. ``American Stuffers'' follows the happenings at the shop, located in the backyard of its owner and founder, Daniel Ross, in Romance, Ark., that specializes in giving its grieving clients a loving and lasting alternative to cremation or burial. The pets, including dogs, cats, chickens and even lizards, are preserved using a freeze-drying process, but much of the dirty work in achieving an animal's everlasting repose is done by Ross's three eccentric assistants, one of whom ironically cringes at the sight of blood. The business also employs Ross's sassy wife, LaDawn, who handles the company's books.

Latest Episode

Series 1 - Episode 6 - The Cat Without a Nose
Aired - 29 March 2012

Episode summary:

It’s spring break. LaDawn and the kids are eager to go camping, but before Daniel can take them, he must complete a load of work at the shop. While Daniel is preparing a cat for preservation, the unthinkable happens. The cat's nose falls off. Fred barters a scorpion preservation in exchange for a tattoo but needs Dixie’s help to get the freeze drying done. When Daniel finds out what Fred has done behind his back, he decides to teach Fred a lesson he won’t ever forget.

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